Beautiful Flowing Long Skirt | Modest Black Maxi Skirt Sizes 6-20

Beautiful Flowing Long Skirt | Modest Black Maxi Skirt Sizes 6-20

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Let us introduce these comfy long skirts with a true story. The skirts arrived at the ownerís doorstep. That perfect color and fabric was too good to pass up. So, she tried it on, and couldnít take it off! Why? It matched so many things and, well, here is the real reason - it was unbelievably comfortable. That same skirt travelled with her to a different state. She wore it in the car traveling, and it arrived in perfect unwrinkled condition. Throw on a different top, and this same skirt was then worn to a wedding. Did not have to get out the iron, or pack excess clothing. So, without further ado, we are summing up this maxi skirtís good points. There are a lot! Super soft silky slinky oh-so-comfy fabric that can be dressed up or down. The fold over waistband has several perks - it can help keep the skirt from clinging too much and it allows you to adjust how long you want the skirt and where on your waist you want to wear it. You can tuck in a tee or leave a top hanging out. This long skirt is wrinkle free. Throw it in a corner of your suitcase and give it a few shakes and its ready to go! We also think this would make a great modest maternity skirt! And the best part? Thatís subjective, of course, but we choose the fact that it can be dressed up or down. Seriously, girls, go from traveling to a wedding, and simply switch your top out. This is THE SKIRT!

*Style: Fold-over waistband, A-line

*Material: 92% polyester, 8% spandex

*Color: Black (color shown on mannequin(not model) are most accurate)

*Length: Size small is 41.5" from top of waistband UNFOLDED to bottom hem. 38" long with waistband folded over.

*Care Instructions: Machine wash delicate cycle in cold water. Hand or lay flat to dry. NO NEED TO IRON!!!

***Please note: Some of our new shipment of black skirts have an almost imperceptible gold tint if held in certain lighting.

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